Marathon Meetings | 24/7 during the Las Vegas Roundup 2024

Thanksgiving weekend 2024 in the heart of Las Vegas, there will be a different kind of marathon—not of flashy lights and imbibery, but of resilience and recovery.

2 PM – Nov 28th to 8 AM – Dec 1st, numerous recovery groups from our city play host to a continuous stream of recovery meetings dedicated to supporting individuals on their journey in sobriety. These marathon meetings are more than just gatherings; they’re lifelines for those seeking solace and strength in the face of addiction.

With sessions running 24/7, attendees of the Roundup find comfort in knowing that support is always within reach. Las Vegas boasts hundreds of recovery meetings each week, a testament to the community’s commitment to fellowship, healing and growth.

The Roundup marathon meetings offer a sanctuary—a place where individuals can come together, share their struggles, and find hope in fellowship and recovery. Whether it’s the quiet of the night or the break of dawn, these marathon meetings stand as beacons of light, guiding individuals towards a brighter future in sobriety.

Schedule for 2024*

*Subject to Change: If your group has not yet confirmed for this year, please contact support to confirm.

Nov 28th2:00 PMLas Vegas Roundup CommitteeExperience, Strength & Hope
Nov 28th3:00 PMTBATBA
Nov 28th4:00 PMLiving TodayGratitude
Nov 28th5:00 PMVeterans Group2nd Step
Nov 28th6:00 PMMore Will Be RevealedWorking With Others
Nov 28th7:00 PMWe Care Centennial (YMCA) GroupAA Way of Life
Nov 28th8:00 PMSassy’s Step GroupFirst Year in Sobriety
Nov 28th9:00 PMRush Home Group3rd Step
Nov 28th10:00 PMInto Action GroupWe Stood at the Turning Point
Nov 28th11:00 PMMiracle Group10th Step
Nov 29th12:00 AMNight OwlsTo Thine Own Self Be True
Nov 29th1:00 AMH.E.R. GroupWillingness
Nov 29th2:00 AMOPEN3rd Tradition
Nov 29th3:00 AMOPENStaying Away From First Drink
Nov 29th4:00 AMMax’s WormsDaily Reprieve
Nov 29th5:00 AMGrapevineAA Stories
Nov 29th6:00 AMSunrise GroupGratitude
Nov 29th7:00 AMStray DogsUnity, Recovery, Service
Nov 29th8:00 AMChoicesExperience, Strength, Hope
Nov 29th9:00 AMWelcome HomeThe Big Book
Nov 29th10:00 AMTwisted SistersAA In Your Life
Nov 29th11:00 AMThursday Night Thumpers (TNT)4th Step
Nov 29thNoonNewcomers Rock IIPlatitudes and Attitudes
Nov 29th1:00 PMHappy Hour GroupThe Promises
Nov 29th2:00 PMBeer 30 GVGThe Newcomer
Nov 29th3:00 PMStood at the Turning PointJoy of Sobriety
Nov 29th4:00 PMLas Vegas H&IService
Nov 29th5:00 PMMisfitsSex
Nov 29th6:00 PMFloating Big BookA Vision For You
Nov 29th7:00 PMBoston Group7th Step
Nov 29th8:00 PMQuality AirMore About Alcoholism
Nov 29th9:00 PMAA @ 8amGod As I Understand Him
Nov 29th10:00 PMSoul Purpose12 Step
Nov 29th11:00 PMService Keeps Us SoberOne Day At A Time
Nov 30th12:00 AMTaking It To The StreetsHumility
Nov 30th1:00 AMLVYPAA11th Step
Nov 30th2:00 AMOPENSunlight of the Spirit
Nov 30th3:00 AMThe Beginners MeetingHonesty
Nov 30th4:00 AMVegas StrongerWe Are Not a Glum Lot
Nov 30th5:00 AMOPENSelf-Centeredness
Nov 30th6:00 AMThe GraduatesOpen Discission ( 24HR-A-Day)
Nov 30th7:00 AMHealing RoomGratitude in Action
Nov 30th8:00 AMFirst 164First 164
Nov 30th9:00 AMOne Rule GroupDon’t Drink, No Matter What
Nov 30th10:00 AMGuide To 12 StepsHow it Works
Nov 30th11:00 AMFirst BrewLiving in Sobriety
Nov 30thNoonDirt BagsLiving Outside the Rooms
Nov 30th1:00 PMWe Care HouseAcceptance
Nov 30th2:00 PMDavis HouseWhat it was Like, What Happened, and What’s it Like Now
Nov 30th3:00 PMWhiskey and MilkRule 62
Nov 30th4:00 PMHow it WorksA Homegroup
Nov 30th5:00 PMRetreat Men’s GroupPeople Who Would Not Mix
Nov 30th6:00 PMYou PeopleObsession
Nov 30th7:00 PMCompton IntergroupSponsorship
Nov 30th8:00 PMCA 9604 Alano ClubOpen-Mindedness
Nov 30th9:00 PMNewcomer’s Meeting1st Step
Nov 30th10:00 PMZoom Into AAIt’s the Journey, Not the Destination
Nov 30th11:00 PMDouble-Digit GroupCarry the Message
Dec 1st12:00 AMSunday 12&12One Day at a Time
Dec 1st1:00 AMOnly Way Home GroupEmotional Sobriety
Dec 1st2:00 AMSpiritual ProgressWhose Will Is It?
Dec 1st3:00 AMOPENAny Lengths
Dec 1st4:00 AMRule 62 GroupHappy, Joyous, & Free
Dec 1st5:00 AMWednesday Women’s Club (FBC)Gratitude in Action
Dec 1st6:00 AMFresh Start VirtualPrinciples Before Personalities
Dec 1st7:00 AMFresh Start IITerror, Bewilderment, Frustration, Despair
Dec 1st8:00 AMSearchlight GroupEnjoying the AA Way of Life
*Subject to Change. Some of our groups have hosted the same time slot for 30+ years, and some are subject to change.